A non-profit that is playing it forward one ukulele at a time.

Ukulele is the greatest healer I have ever come across. It takes little effort to get a big smile on your face, and a warm spot in your heart.
Tyler Woods

Welcome to the Uke-A-Medics Playing It Forward. We are a group of people located in Tucson Arizona that gets together and teaches people how to play ukulele.  We are a newly formed non-profit that is focused on teaching ukulele for free, then playing it forward by going to hospice, hospitals, GLBT outreach, child care, foundations and more to cheer people up through music. Our goal, as we gain donations, is to give away free ukuleles and make sure people are equipped with everything they need to learn and play it forward. Join us a a player, singer, fan or a donor.

Mission Statement: To heal community through music by playing it forward.

Purpose: To teach and provide ukuleles to the community, so they may play it forward to facilitate hope and healing to those in need.